This new design and layout are intentional to create a 21st century history museum in a historic setting. The visitor experience will offer an exploration of the Museum’s own collection, as well as collections and exhibitions from other institutions locally and nationally.  Museums cannot sustain a vibrant level of attendance without continually changing content, and careful planning by the Kansas City Museum has identified this as a core objective in the new design.

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The renovation of the Kansas City Museum will be completed in several phases of architectural design and stages of construction, with Stage I Construction—the restoration and renovation of Corinthian Hall (the mansion)—in process now and to be completed and open to the public in 2020.

Upon completion of each stage of construction, the Museum will open to the public, incrementally increasing and improving exhibitions, collections, and program spaces. International Architects Atelier is the lead, primary architectural design and planning firm, and JE Dunn Construction Co. is the Construction Manager.




Gallagher & Associates, an internationally recognized museum planning and design firm, has produced a Visitor Experience Plan for the Kansas City Museum that identifies the core interpretive and thematic stories for exhibitions and programs, and sets the parameters for exhibition design and development.

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The Museum will develop content for each core story, and the stories will be featured throughout Corinthian Hall in exhibitions, programs, events, and amenities. Content will be rich in its interpretation of the City’s past, as well as relevant and responsive to contemporary interests, issues, and viewpoints.

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In addition to telling the history of the house and its transformation into a museum, rooms on the first floor of Corinthian Hall will also examine the Long family and their life in Corinthian Hall.

+Louis XVI Salon

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+Elizabethan Library: Naming Opportunity Available

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+Louis XIV Dining Room: Naming Opportunity Available

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+Francis I Living Room

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+French Renaissance Grand Hall

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+Museum Café

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+Floor 1 - Overview

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The second and third floors of the Kansas City Museum focus on the city, its evolution over time, and the individuals and communities who reside here. The gallery exhibits are designed as a chrono-thematic journey, but can be experienced in any order. Some galleries will be designed to accommodate changing content. Other areas invite visitors to share their own stories of Kansas City.

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This gallery will be designated to help audiences understand the effects of population growth and new communities on industry and prosperity of Kansas City. The Gallery will also recognize the contributions of different cultures and communities that came to Kansas City.

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+Special Exhibitions | Naming Opportunity Available

This special exhibitions gallery will showcase the breadth and depth of the Museum’s permanent collections including the Archives, the Medical Collection, the Dyer Collection of Native American Culture, and the Clothing & Textiles Collection.

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+Floor 2 - Overview

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The third floor is comprised of both permanent and changing exhibit components that will represent the various neighborhoods in Kansas City. The core gallery elements may be in the center of the space with changing exhibits on the perimeter walls, or the outside perimeter is permanent and the center of the gallery features changing exhibits that focus on the voices of Kansas City communities.

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This changing gallery is used for temporary exhibitions on history, culture, and art in and near Kansas City.

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+Auditorium/Theater | Changing Programs

This multipurpose theater may be used to support existing Museum content, a changing exhibit, or be used for specific programming needs including: guest lecturers, film series, small music or performing arts events, or as an off-site community gathering space for organizations.

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+Floor 3 - Overview

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The lower level of the Kansas City Museum consists of an entryway, central corridor, a traditional billiards room, and a room with a soda fountain (part original and part recreation),ca. 1910. Using a separate entrance from the main Museum entry, the lower level can be used for school groups, private parties, and evening event programming.

+Lower Level Floor Plan

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